Flying in High Tatras


Flying in High Tatras

If you want to try flying in High Tatras with our instructor or if you are a certified pilot and want to try it on your own don´t hesitate to contact us. We are cooperating with TOMISKY flying team.

Summer camps

Aeroclub Poprad is hosting gliding camps for other clubs for several years. Every year glider pilots from Poland and Czech republic are coming to fly in High Tatras from our airport.

Wave soaring

In autumn and winter months there is a possibility to fly in mountain long wave - mostly in northern stream. There are very good climbing possibilities, thanks to controlled airspace TMA Poprad you can reach altitude up to 13 500 feet (FL 135 / 4 100 meters) neither without transponder nor filled flightplan.

For further ascent the glider must be equipped with functional transponder (mode S), crew breathing apparatus and flightplan must be filled for every flight.

Wave soaring is really unforgettable experience, just look in our photo gallery or our Youtube channel.

Our services:

  • accomodation directly in Aeroclub facility (capacity 14 person)
  • parking of your aircraft in our hangar
  • full ground service for your flights
  • aerotow traffic, towing plane WT-9 Dynamic
  • briefing and instructional flights with our instructors
  • possibility of renting the glider (further qualifications needed)

Aeroclub Poprad is located on the international airport Poprad - Tatry (LZTT), that is why all visitors are asked to fill entry form when coming. For arrangement of entrance to Aeroclub area in advance, please send us following data of all visitors:

  • full name and surname
  • ID number + scan of your ID (for visitors from abroad)
  • type and licence number of car / trailer

List of visitors with these data should be sent to our e-mail address aeroclub.poprad(a), at least 5 working days before planned arrival.

In case of any question don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail stated above. 

We are looking forward to meet you in Poprad...

Aktuálne počasie

Poprad - Tatry

Malá oblačnosť, pásy hmly
  • Malá oblačnosť, pásy hmly
  • Teplota: -14 °C, pocitová teplota: -17.9 °C
  • Vietor: juhozápadný, 1.5 m/s
  • Tlak: 1007 hPa
  • Rel. vlhkosť: 92 %
  • Dohľadnosť: 10 km
  • Východ slnka: 06:19 GMT
  • Západ slnka: 14:42 GMT
Hlásenie z dňa:
St, 08/12/2021 - 21:00

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